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Clouds Of Toxic Smog Take Over The City In Seconds!

The city of Bejing, in China, is often overwhelmed by the smog it produces, making it necessary to close schools, offices, and to impose a rigid traffic block. Nonetheless, you still do not really have…

An Ancient Chinese Tradition -- One Man's Story ...

Although we have only heard about them since Oriental cuisine has become popular in the west, actually noodles date back more than 4000 years ago!   In China, noodles have always been obtained simply…

China Builds The World's Large Elevator FOR SHIPS!

The Blue River is a fundamental transport route for the internal water traffic of China, which is why the Chinese government spares no expense when it comes to making it more efficient.  Until recently,…

A Mysterious Object Falls On Motorists Causing Panic!

If you had seen it from a distance you would probably have realized that it was just a giant balloon ball but for those who suddenly found it in front of them (and then rolling over them) it must have…
China Wtf

In China Here Is How They Eliminated An Overpass In One Night!

The rapidity with which the Chinese put up buildings is equal only to that which they are able to completely dismantle an enormous overpass bridge in Nanchang, China and once again this cannot be denied.…

He Begins By Shaking A Cutting Board --- Watch Those Cookies!

Chinese people distinguish themselves from others by their inventive spirit and artistic skills. The Chinese have some special skills that nobody else has, first of all, the patience and dedication they…

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