He scales an 850 ft chimney and performs…
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He scales an 850 ft chimney and performs amazing stunts!

September 14, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

He climbed up to the top of a 256-meter-high chimney and started his thrilling performance while filming everything with a camera.

Flavio Cernescu is a professional acrobat, juggler, and stuntman . . . in other words, a full-spectrum street artist, in a world in which to make a mark, boundaries must be constantly pushed further and further!

Consequently, here we see Cernescu get on a unicycle and begin to ride around the circumference of a 256-meter-high chimney, putting on a show that those who suffer from vertigo will find very hard to watch! 

N.B.: Cernescu is a professional stuntman and should not be imitated!

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