A moving tribute to a remarkable stunt man ... Jackie Chan!

Jackie Chan is one of those people who inspire sympathy from almost everyone, even from those who have no interest in the kind of movie that he has been making all his life. At the beginning of 2017,…
China Moving Stunts

He scales an 850 ft chimney and performs amazing stunts!

He climbed up to the top of a 256-meter-high chimney and started his thrilling performance while filming everything with a camera. Flavio Cernescu is a professional acrobat, juggler, and stuntman . .…

A race car comes full speed towards him --- What he is going to do is ABSOLUTELY THRILLING!!

With a career as a stuntman that can vaunt participation in action films of such high caliber as "Captain America", "Skyfall", and "Assassin's Creed", Damien Walters is certainly not a novice when it…
Stunts Wtf

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