Blatant flirting on an escalator --- see the funny reactions! -
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Blatant flirting on an escalator ---…
To understand the genius of this table --- You have to push it! An elderly woman is filmed unknowingly ---- what she does will make you smile!

Blatant flirting on an escalator --- see the funny reactions!

August 17, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

How would you react if an unknown woman (or man!) touched and caressed your hand while you were on an escalator and maybe even in the company of your significant other? 

Surely, at first, you would be amazed, but then after a few seconds you would understand what had happened and you would turn to look at the person who had done the deed.

You would think that maybe they had made a mistake or would you look and find them smiling and winking in your direction? The reactions of those who have fallen victim to this joke are the most diverse . . .


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