When is flashing children NOT a nasty prank?

There are some people who not only have their own channel on Youtube but as YouTubers, they plan, choreograph, and stage the funniest jokes you can imagine. One of them was pretending to bother the kids…

Blatant flirting on an escalator --- see the funny reactions!

How would you react if an unknown woman (or man!) touched and caressed your hand while you were on an escalator and maybe even in the company of your significant other?  Surely, at first, you would be…

The best victims of this prank is the man who used his girlfriend as a shield ! Not Cool !

This prank is simple but terrifying: a convict manages to break free from the control of the agent and could become a danger to passersby. Enjoy the different reactions.

A PINK elephant crosses the street: this prank is HILARIOUS !

The television show Just For Laughs is famous worldwide for the hilarious pranks they've come up with for the last 15 years. In this case, with the help of a pink elephant, they make fun of motorists…

A man loses LOTS of money on the street: how people react will surprise you

This experiment wanted to show how so many people managed to remain honest even in front of a large sum of money. Returning one note is fairly easy, but HUNDREDS of banknotes are coveted by all ...

These people didn't expect this to happen when they accepted the NINJA's challenge!!

Standing in the street with a sign that says "FIGHT ME," this man seems an original and harmless street artist. Many people look at him curiously, but as soon as someone gets courage and takes the sword…

This why it's best not to stop when you see a UFO in the street... !!!

A police officer pretends to find a UFO near a road. He stops some people and asks them to help him understand the situation. When they come back in the car, however, a disturbing surprise awaits them...

Here are the hilarious expressions of people who witness... a miracle!!!

When there is something absurd in front of our eyes is not always easy to remain focused and aware: this prank gives the victims a moment hesitation during which a situation may seem real but it is too…

It's the most annoying thing that can happen in the library, but the reactions are hilarious!

Study time is crucial, and it takes so long to reach the concentration. That's our funny yet annoying friends had a crunchy snack in the library.

There is a warrior in the elevator, people's reactions are hilarious!!

Who played video games has to appreciate the clothing and the moves of our unlikely warrior, waiting for his victims and staging a fake fight...This is very funny !

Would you kiss someone for charity? The prank with an hilarious ending!

This prank by "Just for Laughs" seems to be very pleasant at the beginning for the victims until someone comes along to test their open-mindedness. An example of how you can play with humor and simplicity…

Don't miss this prank of the mutant spider-dog, one of the most devilish I've ever seen

The secret for the success of a prank is to exploit the fears of people and by adding a little 'fantasy'. And so a little dog dressed up as a giant spider becomes a nightmare for those who are walking…

Wrong side ?? Incredibly confusing prank !!

To end up in the wrong locker room can be very embarrassing, but to do it twice is really too much! This devilish prank tests the faith of these men in their own sanity.

This prank left me a bit 'puzzled...Gold digger woman !

The protagonist of our prank sits on a Lamborghini Gallardo and waits for his victim. Once identified and exchanged a few words, he proposes a ride in the car: the point is he didn't specify WHICH car!

The most shameless man in Russia has begun filming pranks and this is the result

It takes some nerve to be the most shameless guy in Russia. The brave torturer goes through the streets testing people's sense of humour.

Sometimes you just want to say thank you - Incredible ATM experience.

In this case ATM stands for Automated Thanking Machine and It gave some special moments to some lucky customers in Canada. A thank you can change someone's day !

Breaking Bad Prank

Breaking Bad Prank! I am the danger! I am the one who knocks!

Candid camera in the public toilet

Do not miss the faces of the victims out of the public bathroom located in the square, they find themselves in an office. LOL

What if death appeared behind you?

A brilliant candid camera where victims see something really scary ...

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