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Edible and tasty "weeds" growing in…
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Edible and tasty "weeds" growing in your garden?!


We go to supermarkets to buy fruit and vegetables, forgetting that we can find edible plants and herbs right in our own backyard.

Surely you have happened to notice this juicy plant, often considered to be a weed. Its name is Portulaca oleracea, most commonly known as Common Purslane, and has many nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, and potassium that make it a very valuable food source.

Its consumption affords significant benefits. For example, nutritionists confirm that this plant is able to alleviate and prevent headaches due to its high magnesium content.

Do you have any problems associated with diabetes? Well, you should know that Portulaca is able to control the absorption of sugar due to its fibrous consistency.

Beta-carotene, linoleic acid, vitamin C and E, are names that recall substances that function as allies to our body and its health, all contained in this highly underestimated plant!

Dr. Artemis Simopoulos, president of the Center for Genetics, Nutrition and Health in Washington, has clearly stated, "'Anyone who has a small vegetable garden will surely find the Portulaca plant growing there. Do not throw it away, you should eat it!"'

 Do you know about this plant? Watch the video to learn how to recognize it!

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