They notice something on the rails --- Teamwork saves the day! -
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They notice something on the rails ---…
Put an effervescent tablet in water in zero gravity --- Look what happens! A gymnast suddenly slips --- Her coach saves her life!

They notice something on the rails --- Teamwork saves the day!

July 26, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Fireworks are, for animals, a real source of stress. Proof of this is the misadventure of this mare that, on 04 July, the day that celebrates America's independence, was frightened by the noisy fireworks display that always accompanies this annual celebration.

Due to the noise created by this fireworks display, this horse was frightened and unnerved enough to force an opening in a barn and escape! During its escape to search for quieter areas, however, one of its hooves got trapped in the railway tracks. 

A group of local people, alerted by a passer-by, came armed with ropes to rescue the horse and with great delicacy managed to free her. Imagine their surprise and joy when they realized that the mare was . . . pregnant!

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