This dog's bedtime ritual will surprise you --- and make you laugh! -
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This dog's bedtime ritual will surprise…
He has not seen his mother for 10 years -- Just see his touching reaction! A woman gives a porcupine corn on the cob --- hear his response!

This dog's bedtime ritual will surprise you --- and make you laugh!


Before going to sleep this dog always performs a ritual that makes it incredibly "human".  As a matter of fact, this dog does not sleep in a dog house but in a comfortable cot complete with a pillow and a warm blanket! 

You will not believe your eyes when our four-legged friend prepares himself for bed, as he does every evening before he goes to sleep! 

What his owners have taught him to do will both amuse and impress you simultaneously.

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Husky sings better than Bieber !

This dog certainly has a talent. Some dogs more than others, demonstrate an abilty to repeat or to accompany some of the melodies. In this case it is almost difficult to distinguish the voice of the dog…
May 23, 2014
June 03, 2014

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