A guy films a violent hailstorm! ---…
She digs a hole in her garden --- See the magnificent results when it is filled with water! A man and his horse look at each other --- The captured images will enchant you!

A guy films a violent hailstorm! --- Watch his swimming pool! -- Absolutely STUNNING!

April 19, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In May 2010, a violent hail storm hit the Oklahoma City metro area and the surrounding seven counties. Most of us have seen, at last once in our lives, an unforgettable hailstorm! However, most likely, you have never seen the effect that a violent hailstorm with very large hailstones has on the water in a large swimming pool.

In the video, at first it is just a hailstorm with "copious" hailstones aka "a large amount" but then, the hailstorm gets even more fierce and turns into an icy hell falling violently into the swimming pool water! What a thrill! 

Tags: WtfNature


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