When the woman tries to feed the orphaned…
A dog waits for a special two-legged friend -- his story is very tender and moving! Here's how they manage to modify highway lanes within minutes and without risk!

When the woman tries to feed the orphaned kittens -- Look at what the dog does!

March 18, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

This litter of kittens had been abandoned near an animal shelter, but lucky for them they did not have to remain long without the aid of a loving mother. In fact, this female beagle dog did not hesitate to add these three orphaned kittens to her own litter although she already had seven puppies! This means that this female beagle now had a total of ten very young lives depending on her care and motherly love!

However, this was not a problem for her because as you can see, her maternal instinct is so strong that she does not want to be separated from the kittens even for the time necessary for them to be fed by a volunteer!

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