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Wax paper is not only for use in the…
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Wax paper is not only for use in the kitchen and food storage --- Here are some very clever and handy tips!


What we commonly call "wax paper" is composed of a sheet of paper to which a layer of paraffin or other materials has been added that make wax paper very useful for cooking due to its non-stick properties, and wrapping food for storage, such as cookies, as it keeps water out or in. It is also used in arts and crafts. 

In fact, while exploring the world of do-it-yourself (DIY), we realized that wax paper can be very useful in various situations, some of which do not even have to do with the kitchen. Here are some examples!

image: dvo

If you love scented candles, wrap them in waxed paper to preserve their fragrance and to protect them from scratches.

image: tipsnips

You do not have a funnel on hand? Wax paper is strong enough to create one!

image: make-it-do

Cleaning all your gardening tools with wax paper helps to prevent rusting!

Wax paper makes the surface of a door more slippery to prevent it from jamming when it is closed.

image: tipsnips

Rubbing waxed paper on kitchen fixtures creates a thin protective layer that prevents water stains.

image: homehacks

Wax paper provides a cheap and highly resistant protective cover when doing housework or art projects at home involving paint or glue.

image: thisoldhouse

If you hate the layer of dust that settles over tall furniture or high shelves, you can cover them with strips of wax paper that can later be thrown away.

image: pinterest

If you have bought a handbag, and the metal zipper is stuck, you can make it function more smoothly by rubbing it with wax paper.

image: youtube

Cover the inside of the drawers of old furniture with wax paper to protect clothing from wood splinters or dirt that deposits there.

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