The faces of these adorable infants…
Put raw food in closed jars in the dishwasher?! ...YES! When you pull them out ... Wow! A girl approaches a sleeping sloth: Look at what it does a few seconds later ... Wow!

The faces of these adorable infants in a swimming pool will make your day! ;)

February 03, 2016 • By Robert Maggi

Swimming in a pool is renown for being a great activity for young infants: it allows for the development of muscles and movement even before the infant starts to crawl or walk, not to mention the fact that, if continued over time, it gives elasticity to the joints and improves muscle function.

Furthermore, it is very interesting to note and observe the behavior of young infants, when they come in contact with water for the first time; some are greatly frightened, as opposed to others, who do not seem to want to ever leave the water! Just like these two young infants, who by being properly and adequately protected, are feeling secure and therefore are completely relaxed, as can be seen by the blissful expressions on their beautiful faces....

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