An easy way to tie perfect shoelaces in just TWO SECONDS! -
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An easy way to tie perfect shoelaces…
A delicious and easy recipe that you will be eager to present at your next aperitif! Films her baby on the changing table and manages to create a hilarious video!

An easy way to tie perfect shoelaces in just TWO SECONDS!

By Robert Maggi

All of us can remember how much time it took to learn how to tie our shoelaces properly! Some of us learned by inventing or learning a nice little story that helped us memorize the different moves, or by exploring and trying different methods to discover which one was easier! But be honest! Do your shoelaces still look sloppy or incorrectly tied? Well, it is time to make a change!

This video shows us a method that definitely seems to be a simpler and easier way to tie shoelaces, and one thing is for sure --- it is certainly faster! After you try this successfully, you will never again tie shoelaces the way you used to!

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