This artist is completely blind, but…
Every day he takes home a stray dog: the reason why, is very SPECIAL. Every day, this little angel takes the elevator for a SPECIAL reason

This artist is completely blind, but when you'll see his paintings you'll be shocked !

April 24, 2015 • By Robert Maggi
The artistic history of young John Bramblitt begins in 2001, when the 30 year old man undergoes several surgeries to treat epilepsy remaining completely blind. After a period of depression, he began to paint to try to find some positivity, and soon creates some inincredible paintings, which communicate anger, depression or joy through an explosive combination of colors. Thanks to a special technique he's also learn to paint portraits which are remarkably similar to individuals who he has never been able to see with his eyes, as his wife and his own son.

Tags: SpectacularArt


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