Every morning at 5am, this son sells bread in the street: "I helped my mom to open her own bakery"

Mark Bennett

September 27, 2022

Every morning at 5am, this son sells bread in the street:

We are used to hearing of parents who would do anything for their children. There are people who make great sacrifices and give up many things in order to guarantee their kids a better future, but, sometimes, it is the children who likewise. Of course, this is something that happens less frequently, and this is exactly why instances like this are noteworthy.

Daniel is an example of this, despite his young age. He wanted to do something special to show his mother how strong his love is for her. This is his story:

via La Guaia del Varòn


Daniel is an 18-year-old boy who wakes up at 5am every morning to honor someone he loves very much: his mother. The woman, who works in the cleaning industry, had always had a dream of opening a bakery of her own. This was a wish that she was unable to fulfill because of her low salary and her husband's pension did not allow her to incur additional expenses. Aware of this, her son could not ignore the situation and decided to act.

So, while other young people ran around having fun, he set his alarm clock every morning and went out at around 5am with a cart full of bread made by his mother to sell it and set aside the money necessary to start a family baking business. This was an act of altruism that moved Daniel's parents - his mother in particular - and all those who came to learn about it.

"My goal was to help my mom and give her what she most desires: a bakery of her own where she can do what she wants" - this is how Daniel described his mission. And thanks to his efforts, the family was able to start setting up a business, occupying a small piece of land on their property.

A child making sacrifices like this for his/her parents is not a common thing in this world. Many young people take things for granted, at least until they reach the age of independence. But parents are not always able to rise to every challenge and Daniel has understood this. This young man has managed to give his mother a wonderful gift, reciprocating all the sacrifices she has made for him in the past.

We can only wish them all the best of luck for the future.