Mother asks her friend to breastfeed…
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Mother asks her friend to breastfeed her baby: she had had too much to drink

September 05, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Breastfeeding is an important function for every mother. In addition to being the best way to feed your baby, it is also a way to create a special bond between mother and baby after the birth. In order to do this, however, there are rules to be followed, so as not to alter the natural composition of the milk. For example, drinking alcohol while breastfeeding is generally not recommended (but imbibing small quantities will not usually cause any major problems).

This is a story about a breastfeeding mother who drank a bit too much - but thought she found a solution: she asked her friend to breastfeed her baby.

via: Daily Mail

In a video clip posted to her Tik Tok account, this mom, named Grace - originally from Florida - shared the moment when a good friend of hers nursed her baby son. This unorthodox choice attracted a huge number of views: more than 1.5 million.

In the images you can see the two women sitting next to each other: the friend has the baby in her arms and is breastfeeding him, while the mother is sitting next to her, observing the feeding. The scene seems to be very normal, but has raised some questions about the wisdom of these two women.

Is it right to ask another person to give their milk to a child who is not theirs? For some, there is nothing wrong with this, and one user wrote in response to the video: "In the past there were nannies who did this. It is nothing new and is not strange at all". In fact, in the past, there were hired women who took care of breastfeeding little ones (mostly for nobility), where mothers were not allowed to "waste" their bodies doing so.

This comment is just one of many received. Some moms have stated that it is a wonderful thing, but that they would not be able to do the same themselves. Others say that it is perfectly normal and there is no need to be shocked.


Of course, there are those who did not agree at all with what these women did. Despite a lot of criticism, Grace did not let herself become discouraged and published a second video in which her friend is again shown breast-feeding her son.

Could you ever do this?

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