Woman is addicted to plumping treatment…
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Woman is addicted to plumping treatment for her lips: "It makes me feel more confident"

August 25, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

In the age of the rise of social media, it is normal to want to look attractive. Many use filters or resort to having some small aesthetic / cosmetic intervention in order to always look beautiful. For example, for some years it has been fashionable to undergo getting a filler: these are injections done with very fine needles to make one's lips look more plump and seductive.

A young woman was so fascinated by the results she got, that she spent over € 1,200 euros to keep her lips inflated.

via: DailyMail

Chanel Challacombe, 22, from Kent, England, began having this procedure from the age of 20 and became addicted to it from the very first injection. Now, this psychology student gets her lips treated up to three times a year. She stated that she pays up to € 350 for a single session, which is more than some individuals pay for their monthly rent.

However, she also said that she doesn't care about the money because a wealthy fan pays the bills for her. Chanel said she always had low self-esteem, especially after being harassed at school by bullies, but the treatment she has had on her lips has given her her confidence back.

Numerous users on social media, however, have harshly criticized her for her appearance and for the money spent. But the young woman has declared that she has overcome the critisism of others and wants to keep her current appearance. Her family is also against this, but she doesn't care.

Chanel's boyfriend disagreed with what she was doing to herself, and they broke up. After the separation, Chanel began to plump up her lips more and more, becoming addicted to the procedure. In England, there are those who propose there should be a law against this, but Chanel does not agree with them: "Such a ban could push more people towards the black market", she explained.

The young woman is aware of her addiction and does not advise other woman to undergo such a procedure: "When you get it, it feels good, but when it fades, it feels much worse", she confided.

What do you think of her choice?

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