Homeless man asks for a slice of cake…
Young boy decides to dress up like his school security guard, because he is his Man's wife had a stroke and is now disabled:

Homeless man asks for a slice of cake for his birthday: a barber gives him a makeover and takes him out for dinner

July 22, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

It is certainly true, that it will not be the kind gesture of a single individual that will erase poverty or change the fate of another person forever, but certainly the small things one can do for someone can have a very positive impact, albeit only a temporary one. Murilo is a young Brazilian barber who was not indifferent to the wishes of a homeless man, Marcos, on his birthday. The man lived on the street told the barber that he wanted to find someone to share his special day with him and would love a slice of chocolate cake. Hearing this wish, Murilo decided to give an even bigger gift to the homeless man who was down on his luck.

Murilo often goes to church and it was outside his parish that he got the opportunity to speak with Marcos, a homeless man who wanted to have someone to spend his birthday with. Instead of buying him a simple chocolate cake, as Marcos wished for, Murilo wanted to give him an entire day of pampering and attention. Being a barber, Murilo offered to cut his hair and trim his beard, and also allowed him to take a nice bath clean himself up first.

In addition to cutting his hair, Murilo also bought some clothes for the homeless man and invited him out for dinner with his entire family. Marcos could never have imagined that that morning, sitting on the stairs of the church, he would meet someone as special as Murilo. And on top of that, it was his birthday - a birthday he wouldn't easily forget!


Obviously, a new haircut and new clothes will not fundamentally change Marcos' life, but they were still an important gift, allowing the homeless man to take a break from the grueling life on the street. Often and unwillingly, those who find themselves homeless have no choice but to live on the street, even though they probably want to change their lives and start over.

Murilo did not change Marcos' life for good, but his generousity certainly enriched his day, supporting him and making him feel appreciated on his birthday: an occasion on which everyone deserves to be a bit happier!


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