Strangers make fun of him for his makeup,…
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Strangers make fun of him for his makeup, but he replies: "I'm here to be happy, not to please others"

July 15, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

These days, it is still very difficult for many people to be able to accept diversity or, better still, those lifestyle choices that make human beings unique. Each of us is different from anyone else, and should be proud of having their own individual tastes and preferences in every area. Damián Cervantes is a very active, young content creator on social media, who found himself facing abuse from strangers who targeted him on the subway. The reason for this attack? The boy had made up his eyes with make-up. It seems absurd, but Damián had to defend his freedom of expression in front of these strangers and, more generally, also on the internet.

The young Mexican man posted a video on TikTok in which he describes how some people started making fun of him about his eye make-up: "I was here in Pantitlán and some guys were making fun of my make-up and I'm sure someone will say that it's my fault I get bullied because I chose to wear makeup in public. But I was born to be happy, not to please other people. " Damián appears to be very confident, and although criticism and mockery are not good for anyone, he has invited users to leave positive comments. After all, why waste time and energy in hating someone?

Of course, not everyone is affected by negative comments from strangers and that is why Damián wants to "raise diverse people's voices" and make sure everyone can voice their opinions. And even those who do not feel up to responding to bullies who criticize and judge others without any justification, should listen to the words of this young man.

"I am here to be happy in my life, not to please others," is Damián's confident answer to all those who feel compelled to judge his choices and are critical of the unorthodox choices of others. Fortunately, social media is a powerful means of communication through which we can, and must, spread positive messages full of love and support. This powerful tool has the potential to to stem prejudice and hatred - which is now rampant in our society.

So, let's always remember that behind a sequined dress or glittery eyeshadow, there are people with a history and feelings that don't deserve to be hurt in any way.


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