Man sees three hungry boys in a diner and pays for their lunch: an angel without wings

by Mark Bennett

March 13, 2022

Man sees three hungry boys in a diner and pays for their lunch: an angel without wings

Have you ever made a gesture of kindness towards someone you didn't know, thus changing their day for the better forever? There is nothing more beautiful than solidarity, empathy, and the desire to do good without asking for anything in return. And this is what the anonymous subject of this story did - he was someone who didn't think twice and immediately did everything he could to feed three guys who were looking for food at a diner, but didn't know how to pay...

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This is my "are you actually sure it's Taco Tuesday?" moment.

Pubblicato da Josh Walker su Mercoledì 21 marzo 2018

This heart-warming event happened some time ago at a Taco Bell diner in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. A young man, named Josh Walker, posted on his Facebook account a captioned photo shot inside the restaurant and it quickly made its way around the web. Josh Walker's photo features three teenage boys leaning anxiously at the counter to place their food order. As Josh put it in his own words, "These three guys sat down and examined the menu with hungry stares. Then, an anonymous customer in the place walked up to them. The guys pulled back at the sight of this giant who had approached them. But the words that the man said to the three guys made everyone's day better. The man said: "Do you guys want  slushies and stuff? Come on, I'll get you something!"

Initially surprised by the proposal, the three hungry boys immediately ran over to the counter and not only ordered fresh granitas, but also tasty tacos to accompany the drinks - and all of this under the watchful and generous eyes of their anonymous benefactor. Josh recounted that moment which was so unexpected and so special: "The man quickly asked the cashier if he could pay before the kids started eating because he needed to leave immediately and didn't have time to hang around. He gave everyone a very quick goodbye, and then this kind man quickly left via the back door and without waiting for the three boys to thank him for his generousity."


Sitting in Taco Bell today, I laughed to myself as a group of young boys came stumbling into the air conditioned...

Pubblicato da Josh Walker su Giovedì 19 maggio 2016

Then, as Josh recounted on Facebook, while the man was slipping out of the door, Josh smiled at him. Realizing he had been noticed, the kind man lowered his hat in greeting, and then walked off, without saying anything to anyone. He thought his act of kindness from him would go unnoticed, yet Josh Walker had been an eyewitness to it all.

This beautiful testimony shows us once again that we should not be kind, empathetic and sympathetic to others just to be noticed by others, but we should simply do it for the simple love of kindness and because it is right to do these things for the less fortunate.

Congratulations to this anonymous benefactor!