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Wife finds husband's Christmas gift…
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Wife finds husband's Christmas gift list and discovers he spent only $20 on her: the argument erupts

December 28, 2021 • By Mark Bennett

As Christmas approaches, a single thought begins to dominate the minds of many people: "I have to get presents!". Of course, it should be a pleasure to plan for and spend your money on a few gifts for your loved ones. But this can also be a very onerous, stressful annual pressure. There are those, however, who plan everything using very accurate lists of names and the gifts each one will get. But unfortunately for her, a woman stumbled upon her husband's gift list. What was unfortunate was that she found out that her husband had spent a lot of money for gifts to everyone, including his work colleagues, but had spent very little on her.  In total, the husband had spent a whopping $ 5,000 on everyone's gifts but only $ 20 for his wife. If it is true that at Christmas "it's the thought that counts", it is impossible not to be offended by such behavior. Here we provide you with the details of this story:

via: Reddit

The woman anonymously posted her story on Reddit to ellicit opinions from users and to determine, once and for all, which of the two - she or her husband - had been right. The woman explained that she (35 years old) and her husband (33 years old) have been married for a year and were together 3 years before they got married. The two of them used to use their savings to buy each other gifts and this was a detail that the woman wanted to emphasise. Before the Christmas holidays, the woman stumbled upon her husband's gift list and was shocked that she had not placed not in the first place. In fact, she was in last place, with a gift for only $ 20. For everyone else, her husband had spent a lot more. He had given a colleague a $ 600 wristwatch, his sister-in-law a $ 250 bracelet, and had bought another colleague $ 900 of sports equipment. These are just a few examples the wife remembers after seeing the list. And she remembers being shocked by the gift her husband had picked out for her: a $ 20 set of cooking spoons!

While it is true that "it's the thought that counts", seeing so little given to oneself when compared to others who received so much more, can be enormously disappointing. Not only had her husband given her the cheapest gift, but he had also chosen something which was impersonal and bland - his gift was the type one which you might give to someone you had just met. The wife, infuriated, confronted her husband, asking him to explain himself. He defended himself by claiming that he was free to spend his money however he wanted and that his work colleagues were very important to him as he had known them all his life. And furthermore, he said, "it's the thought that counts". In short, he said it was his wife's problem that she did not appreciate his gift. Rubbing salt into the wound, the woman had thought long and hard about the gift she gave to her husband and she had laid out a lot of money for it. Now, 3 days after the confrontation, her husband still hasn't spoken to her and she is wondering which of the two of them is in the right. It didn't take long for Reddit users to suggest that she return the gift she got for her husband and buy him a coupon for a hardware store instead!

What do you think? What matters most - the thought, or the size and cost of a gift?

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