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A homeless man opens a restaurant with…
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A homeless man opens a restaurant with the money he earned as a delivery guy and offers food to the needy

July 26, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Sometimes life faces us with difficult situations, and some of them can deeply affect us for the rest of our life. After trauma or major changes, we change our perception of the world as well as changing the way we relate to people. After the loss of a loved one, each of us react in a different way: there are those who get down and there are those who find the strength and determination to move forward, just as happened to Gabriel Guimarães.

Gabriel Guimarães, 34, knows what it means to have a life marked by difficult times. At the age of 7, on a dark night in Rio di Janerio, his mother was the victim of a raid by police officers. Nothing will ever be the same again for him. He was left with his mother's lifeless body in the house, with no one and no idea what to do. Gabriel, however, was not alone and had to think now of his younger brothers and take care of them, and this is not at all easy for such a small child. According to Vogue, Gabriel was eventually separated from his brothers and taken to an orphanage.

At the age of 12, his father, who had just been released from prison, came to him to take him back. At first glance it might seem like a happy ending, but the difficulties had just begun. Shortly after, there was news of a shooting: their father was a victim of violence during a drug deal. The little twelve-year-old then sought comfort from his stepmother, who, however, after various incidents of matreatment, decided to leave the child on the street.


A story with a happy ending

The laws of the street are very tough in Rio de Janerio, especially for a 12-year-old child. Fortunately Gabriel managed to make friends with Fiel who taught him to live as a homeless person and they formed a fantastic friendship.

At only 15 years old, however, after having finally left behind those traumatic childhood events, he also saw with his own eyes the passing of his best friend; but things miraculously changed three days after Fiel's death. The young man was in fact found by his sister's adoptive father, and it was at that moment that things began to change in his life. After a long struggle with addiction, Gabriel says his life really changed when he learned to cook with Tia Vera, a Brazilian cook.


He had always dreamed of working in a kitchen. He imagined he could have a restaurant of his own to cook his dishes. While working as a delivery boy, he slowly cultivated this dream, and one day after receiving his severance pay he finally realized his goal. He moved to Sao Paulo and opened "Humus Gourmet", a restaurant specializing in vegan and vegetarian food. Inspired by the friend who taught him how to liv on the street, Gabriel decided to commit himself to helping others, creating the "PF Fiel" project that offers food to the most vulnerable and the homeless.

Humus Gourmet has also suffered the impact of the current health crisis, but the young restaurateur believes this is the time to win another battle. His goal is to become a reference in vegan and vegetarian cuisine, and to be recognized as a great chef while always maintaining his "PF Fiel" project.

In short, an incredible story of personal redemption to be taken as an example of resilience and determination!


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