She's fired on the spot for helping a client at her bank: days later, she receives new job offers -
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She's fired on the spot for helping…
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She's fired on the spot for helping a client at her bank: days later, she receives new job offers

May 01, 2021 • By Alison Forde

In life, we should always try to do good, beyond any kind of personal gain, especially if we are directly involved in a request for help. How can you turn your back on those most in need? If we have the opportunity to help and be kind, we should always try to take this path. Emily James, a young call center employee at a bank, made the choice she felt was the right one, to help a man in need, but this choice got her inot some trouble. The young woman, in fact, was fired on the spot for helping a client whose monthly salary was blocked by the bank for the time being. One would think, therefore, that good is not always repaid ... wrong! On this occasion, the old saying "when one door closes, another door opens" applies: the story went viral and Emily received a series of job offers, each one better than the other!

via: The Sun

How can a good deed turn your personal situation into a nightmare? Unfortunately, in some cases, it can happen. Emily James was fired from her job soon after doing a good deed for a stranger. On the morning of December 23, Emily received a call from a client at her bank, a certain Eugenio, who complained that he could not access his last salary. The man was in obvious financial difficulties and had a dire need to access the $1000 that had been paid into his account, also to be able to buy Christmas gifts for his children. For some reason, however, that money was blocked and even Emily couldn't do much over the phone to help him. On the morning of December 24th, Christmas Eve, Eugenio had gone to his branch but, again, he had not been successful. Desperate, the man found himself at a gas station, with no money to refuel with. At that moment, he tried to call back the bank where Emily worked: "Right now, I just want $20 to go home!". At that request for help, Emily, instead of putting down the receiver, replied to the man: "Wait for me there."

Emily knew the gas station was a few miles from the bank, so she took a few minutes' leave to go there. She went to Eugenio and gave him twenty dollars from her own pocket: "Here you are, Merry Christmas!". After that, the young woman immediately returned to the office. A really kind and generous gesture on her part - not everyone would have taken Eugenio's story to heart. Unfortunately, however, a few days later, just on new year's eve, Emily received the bad news: she had been fired because of that gesture that she had deemed harmless and, moreover, the right thing to do. Her manager cited "unauthorized interaction with a client" as the main reason for her dismissal. A real injustice, especially when we consider that Emily has always been an exemplary worker. According to the young woman, her manager was worried about her safety, as the unknown client could have harmed her.


Although Emily was fired for these reasons, her story and good deed have had a not inconsiderable echo. Within a few weeks, the young woman found herself with a long list of job offers, evidently from employers who had appreciated her gesture. Now, she just has to decide which job is the best choice for her.


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