Dad of an autistic boy is looking for people who can play video games with him: he doesn't want him feel alone -
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Dad of an autistic boy is looking for…
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Dad of an autistic boy is looking for people who can play video games with him: he doesn't want him feel alone

March 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

If by now the internet world holds no more secrets for the teenagers of our generation, it is equally true that this virtual universe where you can "surf", do research, read articles of all kinds, see videos and images and chat remotely with friends and users from all over the world, can hide pitfalls and downsides. But today we don't want to talk to you about the dangerous or harmful consequences of the internet, but about how it can turn into a powerful tool to help less fortunate people.

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Florent Chapel is the father of Galaad, a 15-year-old boy with autism; the boy is very fond of video games and for this reason, when he's not spending his time studying, he spends it in front of the computer, with headphones on his ears intent on immersing himself in a virtual world where he can try his hand at latest video games by connecting via internet with other players from all over the world.

Gilead had a great passion, which, however, with time and with his particular condition, did not allow him to form any friendships, either at a distance or face to face.


For this reason, dad Florent made an appeal on the web to gather all the experienced and passionate gamers on the net to agree to include his autistic son and let him play with them, albeit remotely and connected via the internet, so that the boy could at least make some virtual friends and not feel the loneliness and the weight of his "special condition".

The response from hundreds of experienced gamers was not long in coming as the post published by the father of the 15-year-old boy was shared more than 243,000 times on social networks.


The great response and the great enthusiasm received moved Florent: "The call made last night to find players for my autistic son exceeded 100,000 shares, now my Galaad will never be alone when he wants to play videogames. Thanks for everything!"

A story that teaches us not only that the internet is by no means solely and exclusively a (virtual) place of pitfalls, but it can be very useful when people from all over the world are moved at a distance to lend a hand so that those in need never feel alone again.

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