A teacher gives a kidney to his 5-year-old…
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A teacher gives a kidney to his 5-year-old student: she wants to give her a normal life

March 26, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Why do people become teachers? The thing that drives people to pursue a career as a teacher is not simply the love for their subject. Those who decide to dedicate part of their life to teaching do so, very often, driven by more noble motivations. Teaching a subject is perhaps the tip of the iceberg. Many people, on the other hand, aim to give their students something more: values, support, help, experience. A Missouri teacher named Robin Mach took her love of her job far beyond her by helping a little student who needed help.

5-year-old Kayleigh Kulage was born prematurely at just 26 weeks and weighed less than two pounds. The little girl spent 158 days in NICU fighting for her life and never giving up. Since her birth, Kayleigh has been on dialysis every night, a treatment that people with kidney failure undergo. If it weren't for all the tubes surrounding her, Kayleigh wouldn't seem to have any problems: she never cries and never complains of pain, and her mother considers herself lucky to have a child like that.

Robin Mach is a woman who teaches at Kayleigh's school, she has known her for some years and has often gone to carry out lessons at her home, observing with her own eyes the conditions the little girl lives with and the struggles she is forced to face every day. Her bond with Kayleigh became stronger and stronger and the teacher decided to do something that could radically change the child's life, allowing her to live a normal life, go to school and not be forced to surround herself with tubes and wires: she decided to donate her kidney. After a surgical operation that made the parents anxious and after days of endless waiting - necessary to verify the success of the transplant - the little girl now seems to have a new lease of life. She will be able to go to school, take a leisurely swim, go to the beach, experience everything she has never been able to do before.


Not everyone can donate a kidney or is willing to donate, but Robin has done so and - with her gentle soul - has prioritized the well-being of one of her students. How many are lucky enough to meet such people?


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