They have been colleagues and friends for years: two women discover that they are also sisters -
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They have been colleagues and friends…
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They have been colleagues and friends for years: two women discover that they are also sisters

March 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Friends are said to be the family you choose to have. Until recently, 31-year-old Julia Tinetti and 32-year-old Cassandra Madison were just that: people who worked together and who, thanks to the many hours spent working alongside each other and the things they have in common, they developed a deep bond of friendship. Initially, however, the two women did not know they were united by an even stronger bond.

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It's a story that seems almost unreal: Julia and Cassandra are two American women of Dominican origin, who met at work in 2013, while working at the Russian Lady Bar in New Haven. One day the two women discovered they had the same Dominican Republic flag tattoo and discovered that they were born in the same country. From that moment on, a strong bond developed between them: they started going out together, dressing in the same way and always being there for each other.

Julia and her colleagues claimed to notice a certain resemblance to Cassandra so, since both were adopted at birth, they decided to compare their adoption papers. These, however, did not correspond: according to the documents in fact the girls came from two different cities and the surnames of the mothers were different, however the timing, dates of birth and their similarities led them to believe that there must be a connection somewhere.


In 2018, Cassandra's mother gave her a DNA genetic test kit so that her daughter could find out more about her past. Shortly after that, Cassandra traveled to the Dominican Republic, where she met her biological father and her brothers and asked her father if he and her mother had given up another child for adoption. The father, with some difficulty, told the truth: Madison's parents had had 9 children but only two of these were adopted: two girls. Madison prompted Julia to take a DNA test.

The results surprisingly revealed that Julia and Cassandra are sisters, born from the same biological parents. Both women are still processing the situation, as "this is the kind of thing you see on TV". But on social media they show happy the result of their discovery: their sixth sense was not wrong. 


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