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He saves a street vendor from the cold…
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He saves a street vendor from the cold by buying all the food she is selling, then donating it to the homeless in the city

February 16, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Those who are forced to work outdoors in the elements have to deal with a significant problem, namely the weather. Think, for example, of street vendors: these people must be willing to work in the rain, the sun, the wind, the cold or the heat if they want to earn some money. In some cities like Chicago, however, the wind and cold are so aggressive that the risk of catching a bad cold, or worse, is constant.

So, Robert Magiet, a Chicago restaurateur, stopped immediately when he saw a freezing cold woman selling food on the street in the middle of winter, in very cold temperatures. On the spot, the man made her an offer that she was compelled to accept on the spot!

When Robert saw the freezing cold woman, dressed in layers, selling street food on the corner of a city street, he couldn't help but stop. The food seller, despite wearing a heavy jacket, a hat and a mask, was clearly suffering from the wind and cold that day. Robert then offered to buy her all the spring rolls on her cart, so that she could go home to warm up without the fear of losing her earnings that day.

In addition to buying up all the food, Robert also offered to leave her a generous tip. Such a thoughtful offer could not be refused and the woman was thus able to go home, to shelter from the cold. Of course, the woman couldn't stop  thanking Robert: he had given her a beautiful gift!

After doing this good deed, Robert found himself with dozens and dozens of fresh  spring rolls which, at that point, he decided to donate to the homeless in the neighborhood and to the most needy families.


The next day, he decided to pursue his own initiative, asking on his Facebook page if anyone knew of other street vendors in town who needed “to be saved from the cold”. In his charity crusade, the man also involved other restaurateur friends. Robert knows what it means to have a business during a period of crisis, characterized by a global pandemic, and, in his small way, he tries to help those who have had less luck than him.

A few days later he managed to replicate the same good deed with three other local street vendors, continuing to donate the purchased food to the homeless in the city. After that, he called some of his restaurateur friends, including the owner of a pizzeria, asking him to make the kitchen available once a week: "You know how much children love pizza" pleaded Robert, convincing him to donate free pizzas to neediest families in the neighborhood.

It's normal for Robert to help people who need some food and, as a restaurateur, he is happy to be able to contribute to someone else's happiness in this regard. A round of applause for the personal initiative of this man who is mentally, economically and physically helping those who feel most fragile in this period of crisis and instability.


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