The sweet photos of the "babysitting" cat who first checks the baby's pacifier and then hugs him while he sleeps -
The sweet photos of the "babysitting"…
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The sweet photos of the "babysitting" cat who first checks the baby's pacifier and then hugs him while he sleeps

December 05, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Cats often have the reputation of being not very affectionate pets, wary, albeit attached in a certain sense to the family. It certainly can't be said that this kitty named Keanu (yes, just like the famous Hollywood actor!) falls into this category. On the internet, in fact, some wonderful photographs have appeared that show him together with a baby who sleeps blissfully, - the son of his owners - in what can be defined as a moment of peace and tranquility in which this feline has shown its strong maternal instincts. The photos were taken by the baby boy's 12-year-old sister, who was in charge of watching over her little brother for a few minutes, while the parents were out. Apparently, she wasn't the only one who was taking care of the little one.

The photos are delightful: in the sequence, it looks like the cat wants to make sure the little one is well and sound asleep. The cat approaches the baby and checks the pacifier with his paw, which must have seemed to him a strange potentially dangerous object, then snuggles up next to him and hugs him.

His sister couldn't help but photograph that wonderful scene and when the parents returned, she showed them the shots. Amazed by all that show of affection from their cat Keanu, they were moved. The mother started sharing the wonderful photos on social network pages dedicated to kittens, where they were immediately a great success.


Keanu is a very affectionate cat with all members of the family and he is not the only feline present in the house: in fact, there are 8 cats! His maternal instincts were probably awakened after a cat from his family gave birth to a litter.

 Don't you think they are so sweet?


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