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A shepherd falls ill with Covid-19 and…
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A shepherd falls ill with Covid-19 and can no longer look after his flock: the mayor decides to stand in for him

By Alison Forde

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to rage in almost every country in the world, claiming many victims and keeping families apart, a virus that with its lethal effects is slowly bringing the internal economy of many countries to their knees. In Italy, many people lost their jobs during the pandemic and still do not know how to move forward with dignity in their lives, under these new economic conditions. Then there are those people who are forced to close their business for safety reasons or, even worse, because they themselves have fallen ill with Covid. And this is exactly what happened to a shepherd in Italy, who found himself positive, together with his whole family and, desperate, began to ask who could take care of his flock of sheep in his absence. The mayor of his municipality, fortunately, had no hesitation in volunteering.

Antonio is the name of the sheoherd who suddenly found himself in difficulty after discovering that he and his entire family were positive for Covid. How do you cope when you have an job like Antonio's, where you certainly cannot abandon the animals you have taken care of for a lifetime? The shepherd, in fact, started asking friends and acquaintances if they could look after his flock during his quarantine period. The first to respond positively to the request for help was Gaspare Giacalone, the mayor of Petrosino, in Sicily, who didn't think twice about helping Antonio. As he himself stated: "The effect of covid is also this, it affects directly and indirectly those who have not contracted it. I never thought that being mayor was all honor and glory. It's putting your feet in the earth wet with sweat, where there is work and sacrifice. Where there is suffering and need. Today I feel a little more like a mayor ".

In short, an honorable and concrete gesture that has really helped those who have been struck down by Covid-19 and would just like to return to their normal lives. Here's wishing a speedy to return to normal as soon as possible, for Antonio and his family.

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