This girl managed to buy her first house at 19 after saving money by working at McDonald's -
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This girl managed to buy her first house…
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This girl managed to buy her first house at 19 after saving money by working at McDonald's

October 11, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Everyone is free to do what they want with their money, but younger people are known to spend various amounts going out and having fun on Saturday nights, drinking with friends and buying whatever designer clothes are hottest right now. Obviously, we must not generalise about anything, since there are many young people who take it into their heads to save assiduously for their most pressing passions or needs. Madison Pickering, for example, is a nineteen year old who falls into the latter category: thanks to her savings and work at McDonald's, the young woman has managed to buy her first house!

via: ladbible

She comes from Queensland, Australia, has been saving money since the age of 11 and has now landed a new home under construction in Logan's Pebble Creek Estate, 50km south of Brisbane. At 14, young Madison started working at McDonald's, a humble and honest job that allowed her to save around $30,000 Australian. With these hard-earned savings, Madison decided to have her own house built. Many did not believe her determination and audacity, continuing to believe that the girl was probably helped by her parents. Even the real estate agents, at first, ignored her presence, convinced that it was her mother who was really interested in buying a house for $300 thousand Australian.

The fact of being so young, has allowed her to access various incentives, which have supported her in her large outlay and face a mortgage more serenely. Her story can be seen as a positive example for all those young people who dream of becoming independent: sure it takes some sacrifice, but the important thing is to start saving!


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