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A couple suffering from Down Syndrome…
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A couple suffering from Down Syndrome have a baby: many debate whether they are responsible enough to handle raising a child

August 11, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

The minute a child with Down Syndrome enters the world, a big question mark about their future appears. Parents begin to worry what their lives will be like, especially when they are no longer around to take care of them. 

What happens when the mother and father are both sufferers of Down Syndrome themselves? By the looks of the story we are about to share with you, it's not an easy question to answer, but at least up for debate. 

Lisa and Nick are a couple who suffer from Down Syndrome. They recently became parents to a wonderful baby boy who also suffers from Down Syndrome. According to statistics, the possibility of having a baby if you suffer from Down Syndrome is very slim; 70-80% of the people born with Down Syndrome are sterile. 

For those who are able to concieve, the chances the child with suffer from the same disease is very high. The mother and child are also at high risk, as the mother is much more likely to suffer from complications, and possibly die, during pregnancy. 

It's also no secret that Lisa and Nick get help with raising their child. Patti, Lisa's mother, takes on a lot of the responsibility for rasing the child. Even though she's grandma, in many way's she takes on the role of "mother." She doesn't, however, regret letting her daughter live her own life and go after the things that most people want (i.e. get married and have a family). 

Although Lisa and Nick's family life remains completely private, it doesn't keep people in the community talking about their desire to have a family. Many believe that Lisa and Nick's decision to have a child together raises a ethical dilemma.


Dec,. 2016 Nic is almost as tall as me and skis on his own. Bear Valley great winter.

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When another life enters into the equation, it's hard to discern between what someone "wants" and what someone "is capable of doing." Some say their decision to have a baby was selfish while others say that it was purely an act of love.

It's not easy judging a family who encourages their children to be brave and go after the things that they want in life. For now, we can only wish Nick and Lisa the best. 

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