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3 fast food employees get arrested and…
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3 fast food employees get arrested and fired for spitting in two police officer's food, thanks to surveillance camera footage

By Cylia Queen

When you're young, it's normal to want to play dirty pranks on people, especially on your friends and family. These three fast food restaurant employees, however, decided to play a nasty prank on a couple police officers.

When the three employees, all teenagers, saw two police officers walk into their restaurant, they decided it would be funny to spit in their food. After all, who would ever find out about it? 

Clearly, these three teenagers don't like cops. From the moment the officers walked into the restaurant to ask for a bite to eat, they could tell that these teenagers were up to no good. After they ordered, the teenagers went back to prepare their meals and, in the heat of the moment, added an extra ingredient to the officers' sandwiches: their saliva. That's right, they spit on the policemen's sandwiches, which, when you think about it, is disgusting and a health hazard. When the two began eating their meal, the three teenagers in the back began to laugh, which raised some suspicion. Luckily, there was at least one honest employee in the restaurant that alerted the restaurant owner about the teenagers' prank. The owner went immediately to check the suveillance cameras and, sure enough, the three teenagers were guilty of what their co-worker accused them of doing: spitting in the police officers' food. 

image: Pxfuel

The teenagers were fired and arrested for what they did. Considering the Coronavirus is still claiming lives everyday, these types of pranks can't be tolerated. We hope these three have learned their lesson and that they'll think twice before doing something similar again. 

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