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A widowed man loses his job due to the…
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A widowed man loses his job due to the pandemic and is forced to sleep on the street with his 10-year-old son

May 15, 2020 • By Alison Forde

In a difficult time like the one we are experiencing because of Coronavirus, in many parts of the world people have been forced to stay at home and not to go out except in cases of absolute necessity. There are those who, however, cannot stay at home, simply because they do not have a home, or they have lost it because of the economic straits in which they have found themselves.

And economic difficulties, at this moment, are increasingly on the agenda, so much so that many people have lost their jobs and unfortunately also a roof to shelter under. Like the bricklayer and electrician we are going to tell you about, a widower  who, with his 10 year old son, was forced to sleep on the street.

The story is one of those able to move and inform everyone about the harsh reality of many people who live with little and try to go on despite everything. We are in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Daniel, a 54-year-old widower, lost his job with the outbreak of the pandemic.

Together with his 10-year-old son Lautaro, he was therefore forced to live on the street, and to sleep in the Plaza Congreso, not without countless daily discomforts. Daniel and his son have nothing but the clothes they wear. As if their condition had not already been sufficiently critical, some thieves also stole a backpack with the few supplies they had. Fortunately, their story came to the attention of the media, which publicized it by raising awareness of the conditions in which they and many other less fortunate people live.

Ever since Daniel and Lautaro became known for their sad story, there has been no lack of generosity from many people who have helped out. Groceries, clothes, personal hygiene items: the donations received have moved the man, struck by so much generosity in such a difficult time for everyone.


Furthermore, there was no shortage of people who offered man the opportunity to work for them, and there were even those who made their properties available to live in. With the help received, Daniel and Lautaro will, in all probability, be able to find accommodation indoors, and to be able to live through this terrible time in a much safer way.

This story - similar to those of many other people who in this period really risk not making it - makes us think a lot about the need to never abandon those who are suffering. After all, it is precisely from the worst experiences that we can - and must - learn the largest and most meaningful lessons.

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