At 90 she is hospitalized for Coronavirus, but refuses the ventilator: "Give it to young people" -
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At 90 she is hospitalized for Coronavirus,…
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At 90 she is hospitalized for Coronavirus, but refuses the ventilator: "Give it to young people"

By Alison Forde

In the fight against Coronavirus you cannot do without fundamental tools such as lung ventilators. Unfortunately, there seems to be a global shortage of these machines, or perhaps it is the increasing level of contagion that simply makes it impossible to cover every single citizen's medical care. In Belgium, a 90-year-old lady tested positive for Covid-19 and, naturally, was hospitalized. The same lady, however, Suzanne Hoylaerts, told the doctors not to "waste" a ventilator just for her: "Use it for a younger patient".

via: Mirror

"I have had a happy and full life," said Suzanne Hoylaerts before making the brave decision to voluntarily give up the lung respirator. The elderly woman was hospitalized on March 20, 2020 after her Covid-19 symptoms worsened significantly. Two days after admission, the woman did not make it. "I don't want artificial respiration. I had a good life, give the ventilator to someone younger," Suzanne recommended to the doctors.

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The family has not yet managed to explain how Suzanne was positive for Covid-19 since she had stayed at home, respecting the restrictive measures imposed. All this happened in Belgium, where the number of deaths has started to increase with the passing of the days. Unfortunately lung respirators are a crucial tool in the fight against the virus and the fact that they are scarce, forces people like Suzanne to "make a sacrifice" for the good of someone who would still have a whole life ahead.

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