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A doctor refuses his son's embrace for…
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A doctor refuses his son's embrace for fear of the Coronavirus, then bursts into tears: the double drama of the doctors

April 05, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There is a Coronavirus epidemic in the world, an event that all countries have to deal with. The doctor who decided to release this short video had just finished his shift at the King Salman hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. One of his children, hearing him come back, went to meet him with the intention of embracing him: a welcome back home that every father would like to receive every day of his life. The doctor-dad, however, immediately had to withdraw, admonishing his son in an attempt to keep him a safe distance. After a moment, the doctor knelt and burst into tears. A scene that contains in a few seconds the double drama experienced by hospital staff when they return to their family.

Every day, Nasser Ali Al Shahrani, one of the many doctors fighting on the front line against Covid-19, calls his wife on the phone before returning home. In this way, he warns about his return time and makes sure that his wife can keep her children away to prevent them from approaching him. Before he can hug or kiss any member of his family, the doctor takes off all the clothes he has worn in the hospital, disinfects his hands and takes a shower.

There was no lack of controversy from some users who asked provocatively how it was possible for a doctor to use the same clothes even outside the hospital. The answers were not long in coming: "They are not the same clothes they wear during the service, we do not leave our doctors exposed to the virus in this way" and again - "Wearing the uniform on the street also makes them more easily recognizable by local authorities , since there is a curfew and there are controls. "

Perhaps, on the evening the scene was filmed, the youngest son managed to escape control of his mother, who knows. What is certain is that this doctor,as well as his colleagues, can run no risks, and he knows it well: Covid-19 is scary and cannot be taken lightly.

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