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"Who's afraid of the Coronavirus?":…
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"Who's afraid of the Coronavirus?": 26-year-old arrested for licking merchandise in a supermarket

By Cylia Queen

While many health experts have attempted to educate the general public about the dangers of the Coronavirus - affirming that the elderly are not the only ones at risk - many young people are still convinced that the virus poses no threat to them. Some have even made the virus out to be a laughing matter. One young man in particular decided it would be hilarious to have some fun with people on the internet, posting a video of him licking a bunch of merchandise in a supermarket. He even yelled out "Who's afraid of the Coronavirus" before licking the merchandise, causing many viewers to panic. 

via: Mirror
image: Youtube

Pfister, or so he calls himself on social media, is a 26 year-old from Warrenton, Missouri (USA). On March 11, 2020, he decided to go to Walmart and make a video that he thought would make people laugh. As a way to provoke his followers, he posed the question "Who's afraid of the Coronavirus" and began licking all the products on the shelf beside him. After filming the video, he posted it to his snapchat. It didn't take long for someone to report him to the authorities. Thus, his pratical joke ended up causing him to get arrested and charged with terrorism. 

image: Youtube

Once the video made its rounds around the world, many people commented on the 26-year-old's foolishness and poor judgement. When people are dying left and right from the Coronavirus, common sense should tell you enough not to make light of a world pandemic. Some people went as far as to say that if Pfister actually had the coronavirus, he shouldn't be allowed to be treated given perhaps then he'd "learn his lesson." 

Pfister also appears to just have no regard toward people at all: he's already been charged in the past with different felonies like breaking and entering and robbery. Perhaps Pfister will have time to think about what he's done - and where his life is headed - while he spends some time behind bars. 

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