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"Guide dogs can't be black!": a rude…
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"Guide dogs can't be black!": a rude passenger yells out to a blind girl and her guide dog to get off the bus

March 20, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

As a modern civilization, we'd like to think that we've evolved beyond holding prejudices or discriminating against others based on the color of their skin. Although as a whole, people have become more open minded over the years, there are still plenty of people who wish to remain close-minded and ignorant. This ignorance does not just extend to other human beings. Apparently, some people are even prejudice toward dogs. 

This recently happened to Megan Taylor and her "seeing eye" dog. Megan, who's been blind since she was 15, is thankful to have Rowley, her black labrador, in her life. If it weren't for him, she wouldn't live as autonomously as she does now. Apparently, not everyone thinks, however, that Megan should have a black lab as a guide dog. According to a passenger on one of her bus rides, guide dogs can't be black; they have to be yellow.      

via: Metro

The day of the event started out like any other day, where Megan and Rowley were waiting on the bus. Instead of the soft chatter they usually encounter when they climb onto the bus, they were met by a more menacing voice. The voice belonged to a passenger who seemingly was disgusted by thought of a black guide dog. The man yelled at Megan, telling her that they needed to get off the bus immediately. Not wanting to make quick judgements, Megan quickly explained to the man that she needed Rowley with her because she was blind.     

The man, however, didn't seem to care about her condition. He repeatedly scolded her for having a black guide dog, since everyone knew that guide dogs were supposed to be yellow. In his mind, there was no way that her dog was what she said he was because guide dogs couldn't be black. 

Megan tried to ignore the man, especially when she realized there was no way to convince him otherwise. For Megan, using public transportation is already difficult enough... it doesn't make things better - or less dangerous - when an angry man is threatening/harassing you over something so important to you.    

image: Flickr

Megan started having issues with her eyesight after she experienced a trauma to the head at only 15 years old. Although she still can still see some things (not much, though), moments of total vision loss and fainting occur often and at random. Given her condition, it's easy to understand why Rowley is so important to her. No matter the situation, Megan always finds Rowley right at her side. 

Perhaps the man's comments were more ignorant than racist, but it should be a reminder to us all that we should never judge anyone or make assumptions based on the color of their skin (or fur, for that matter). After all, intelligence and skill aren't based on our outward appearance; it's what's on the inside that counts.   

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