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A stray dog spontaneously joins a marathon…
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A stray dog spontaneously joins a marathon and after the race, the athletes help him find a family


When you are a beautiful American Staffordshire Terrier and your owner has abandoned you to yourself, it is normal to get enthusiastic about a bunch of humans who seem to be having fun sweating and running for miles.

Max is a strong and energetic dog, who, despite having suffered due to abandonment, is looking forward to interacting with humans and always shows his cheerfulness and affectionate nature with everyone.

One fine day, Max came across a long marathon race—and just for fun, Max decided to run and keep up with some of the athletes and crossed the finish line together with them!

When at the end of the race, one of the marathon runners, Charles Akers, realized that the dog was a stray, he thought it best to take the dog home with him until the dog's family could be found.

Furthermore, after the long marathon, Akers noticed the lively dog was still hanging around the runners, and at that point, he could see that the dog really did not belong to anyone and that it was clearly a stray dog.
Initially, Akers was tempted to call the local police, but then he decided to call his wife and waited until she came so that together,  they could take Max to see a veterinarian.
Akers said the dog was very obedient while they were waiting at the clinic and responded to his commands and everything he ordered him to do.

The couple's hope was that the dog had a pet microchip. And luckily (or unfortunately), the dog actually had one!
However, when they finally managed to track down Max's owner, they were very unhappy with the man's response: "Just leave Max at a kennel, and I'll think about it." From the owner's behavior, it was clear that Max had been abandoned.
But Akers and his wife already had three dogs and a cat in their house and they could not afford to welcome Max and so, although they were reluctant, they decided to take Max to the nearest animal shelter, the Wake County Animal Center.
Here it was discovered that Max was already quite well known and it was not the first time that the poor dog had been in this same situation.
It seems that Max had been adopted on at least two other occasions, but inevitably, he always ended up returning to the animal center.
This time, however, the animal center volunteers could count on the personal testimony of Akers and the other marathon runners—Max was an adorable, joyful, obedient dog, perfect for a family that likes sports and, above all, running.
Both Akers and the rest of the runners who had dealt with Max pledged to get the word out on behalf of the Wake County Animal Center so that Max could find a new family as soon as possible.
Chad Duffy and his family responded to the appeal after their dog had passed away and now they felt ready to adopt another one. And as it happened, Max was the perfect dog for them!
The couple, in fact, was looking for a dog to run with them (both Chad and his wife are athletes) and they also wanted a dog that was at the same time very cheerful, gentle, and loving with a human family.
So Max finally found the right family for him! Today, Max is also part of a running club together with his owner, Chad.
A nice story with a happy ending for an adorable dog who only had to be himself in order to be loved and appreciated.
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