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A father sells his vintage car to pay…
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A father sells his vintage car to pay for his daughter's education and she secretly buys it back 21 years later


They are always there for us, to comfort us in the dark moments and to give us a hand when the difficulties of life seem such that we cannot go on.

We are obviously talking about our parents, those special people, irreplaceable figures for each of us, who would bend over backward to see us happy, and often sacrificing and also depriving themselves of what they care about most.

Just like Stephanie's father did when, in 1993, he decided to sell his beloved 1936 2D Ford Sedan, a true vintage car heirloom, bought and restored by him when he was only 16 years old.

What was the reason he sold it? To pay for his daughter, Stephanie's college education, to allow her to have a better future and to make her dreams come true.

And after 21 years, and having achieved a successful life, Stephanie decided to show her father, her love and gratitude in a very special way.

Stephanie's father has always kept the memory of his beloved vintage 1936 2D Ford Sedan in his heart, a car he was really proud of, so much so that he had exhibited it in various car shows, where he had often won first prize.
Moreover, Stephanie said, "My father often talked to me about this car and he always said he would buy it back if he could ever find it."
Consequently, 21 years after her father's unforgettable sacrifice, Stephanie decided to let him know how grateful she was for his selfless gesture, by planning something that would totally surprise him.
Therefore, her dad's dream of finding his antique 1936 2D Ford Sedan also became Stephanie's dream and, after several months spent searching, high and low—she finally managed to find it!
Yes! It was really his car! The same beautiful 1936 2D Ford Sedan sold by her father in 1993 to pay for her college education that had changed her life.
Finding and restoring the vintage car was also made possible thanks to a fundraiser organized on GoFundMe!
In fact, the money raised has allowed her to succeed in what seemed like a very difficult undertaking—to buy the antique car back for her father, repair it, and return it to him.
The video in which Stephanie captures her father's reaction—describes better than a thousand words the emotion that this man felt—seeing his precious 1936 2D Ford Sedan, parked in his driveway, just like so many years ago.
There is absolutely no doubt about it! Heartfelt generosity and sacrifices made for others are often rewarded when and how least we expect it!
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