Those born under the sign of Leo are…
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Those born under the sign of Leo are the true "kings" of the zodiac, for at least 6 reasons

March 13, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Courage, royalty, security, strength. For many, these are the first words that come to mind when thinking of a lion. And we are not only talking about the animal "king of the Savannah", with a proud and respected bearing. Those born under the sign of Leo have similar characteristics, traits that really make him the king of the entire zodiac.

If you know a person born between July 23 and August 22, you will have already understood what we are talking about. The qualities of a lion are evident, for all to see, and give people of this sign a special aura that never lets them go unnoticed. Their character is unique, loved or hated, surprising and energetic, for at least 6 reasons.

image: Pixabay

 1. He is self-confident

Just like the animal that represents him, a Leo is determined, he shows off strength and courage, he knows what he is worth but he manages to respect the value of others. His pride signifies him in an unmistakable way.

2. He is impulsive, but also calm and reasonable

A Leo cannot stand still, live passively, and must always act in the first person to know or resolve things. He is impulsive, a bit like Aries, but unlike him, he always manages to act calmly and reasonably. If he suffers a defeat, however, he will not be able to forget it so easily, bearing his grudge for a very long time.

3. He is very generous

The Leo partner or friend will always go out of his way to help you in situations of need. Sometimes, however, this enormous generosity of his can also result in the desire to exhibit his power or his recurring will to place himself at the center of attention.

image: Pexels

4. He is protective and jealous

Like a lion, in the Savannah, which does not accept that another animal intrudes on its territory, even a person born under this zodiac sign cannot accept the affront so easily, to which he always feels obliged to react, guided by an incurable and visceral protective instinct. It is also for this reason that he does not tolerate injustice towards the weakest.

5. In love, he gives and wants at the same time

The generosity of those born under this sign is also reflected in relationships. A Leo rarely cheats, and is also unable to forgive. All this, however, as long as for him the situation remains tolerable, and his royal superiority is not questioned.

6. Courageous and determined to the end

Stubbornness and determination distinguish this sign. Always. Even the most risky and difficult situations, for a Leo, are just another, welcome opportunity to test themselves. For him, giving up is almost impossible and, if he were forced to, it would be a very hard blow.


image: Pexels

In short: as you have understood, Leo is a truly strong and special zodiac sign, of which we could still list many other qualities and characteristics. Knowing one and having them by your side is undoubtedly a great fortune.

What do you think? Do you know someone born under this sign who is reflected in our description?


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