7 characteristics that make those born…
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7 characteristics that make those born under the sign of Aries simply incomparable

February 07, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you have ever met a person born between 21 March and 20 April, then you know well that their character traits are immediately recognizable. For better or for worse.

That's right! We are talking about the astrological sign of Aries, the first of the entire zodiac, the one with the most marked characteristics, with qualities, and skills that are hard to achieve.

Furthermore, it difficult for an Aries person to go unnoticed, just as it is difficult that, if they get something into their head, with their stubbornness, that they will not sooner or later achieve their goal.

Aries temperament is particular and unique—for at least seven valid reasons.

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1. Aries is a born leader

When one is dealing with such a strong personality, there is very little that one can do! It is easy to let one's self be carried away by their enthusiasm! Moreover, an Aries makes their decisions with strength and obstinacy, and there is no shortage of people who take Aries and their ideas into great and serious consideration.

2. Aries is impatient and fights against time

For a person of this sign, time is always an enemy to be defeated, and in an Aries's daily life everything— absolutely everything—is confronted head-on, including fears and obstacles. Patience is almost unknown to an Aries, and this is why, often, Aries puts into play too many projects that then, perhaps, cannot be completed! In any case, it is better not to keep an impatient Aries waiting because they want everything—and they want it now!

3. Aries is ambitious

Naturally, it could not be otherwise, given the robust and determined animal from which this zodiac sign takes its name. Aries has a warrior spirit and, when they are in a battle, they only want one thing—to win. Certainly, Aries is ambitious, but in the correct way. An attitude that perhaps also derives from their continuous need to defend themselves, and not to feel threatened in any way.

4. Aries is generous

Strong, stubborn and ambitious yes, but also generous. Ask whatever you want from an Aries, because they will be happy to satisfy you—if they can and—if they trust you.

5. Aries is honest and candid

As you may already know: an Aries has a vital need to be sincere at all costs, even if it means creating enemies around them.

6. Aries is incredibly impulsive

Be careful not to try to stand against an Aries, or you will be literally ...ran over! Yes, because people born under this sign always want to be the first to give life to their projects. If Aries has an idea, you can be sure that they will try to put it into practice, without procrastinating! For this reason, Aries often reacts in an apparently non-rational way and, if something does not go the way they say it should, Aries can become very irritated.

7. Aries exudes sensuality

Who would not like to be involved with a strong, passionate person, with a proud and bold spirit and great impetus and energy in everything they do? After all, this is precisely what gives individuals born under the sign of Aries their incredible sex appeal. Don't you agree?

In any case, to be honest, the reasons that make the zodiac sign of Aries unique would require an even longer list!

Nevertheless, here we have summarized their main distinctive features, that is, those that make Aries simply incomparable. And what do you think? Do you know someone born under this sign that is reflected in the description we have provided?


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