For Christmas this man paid the bills to 36 families in difficulty, remembering when he could not pay his own -
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For Christmas this man paid the bills…
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For Christmas this man paid the bills to 36 families in difficulty, remembering when he could not pay his own


There are periods of the year or life in which, for many families, it becomes difficult to face everyday life and to cover all the expenses necessary to go on.

It is not always so obvious, in fact, to be able to pay electricity and other utilities without particular economic problems, and sometimes the situation can become so critical as to result in a really strong discomfort.

Anyone who has lived through such experiences knows what we are talking about. Michael Esmond, a Florida entrepreneur in charge of Gulf Breeze Pools & Spa, has not always found himself in a situation of economic stability.

So, for Christmas, he decided to make a really special gift to those who needed it.

via: ABC News

When Michael received an electricity bill due on December 26 at home, he couldn't help thinking about when, in the 1980s, he could barely make money and keep going. At that time, his business had not yet taken off and he was unable to pay the bills, avoiding gas as much as possible. Heating was a real 'luxury' in the house.

So, as a generous person as he is, Michael went immediately to track down people who, in his community, could find themselves in situations similar to his, and decided to give them a beautiful Christmas gift.

Without thinking twice, the 36 families who had the bills past due around his home received the balance of the amounts necessary to pay off the debt.

The bond that Esmond has with his neighbors, in fact, is so strong that the man has decided to want to make a gesture that would give them some tranquility and happiness.

With around 4100 euros, he, therefore, demonstrated enormous altruism and humanity, setting an example for many people.

And the gratitude, on the part of the people to whom Michael has given his generosity, is certainly not lacking.

Many sent messages of thanks to the entrepreneur, who proceeded to communicate the balance of the accounts through a letter sent by post on behalf of his company.

No doubt about it: even small gestures like this have a big impact, and whoever spreads kindness and humanity is certainly a person to praise!


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