These four teenagers helped an elderly man by pushing him on his electric scooter for a mile after it had broken down -
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These four teenagers helped an elderly…
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These four teenagers helped an elderly man by pushing him on his electric scooter for a mile after it had broken down

January 08, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It is not uncommon to witness episodes in which the protagonists are teenagers who, unfortunately, perform disrespectful or violent acts, dictated by nothing more than the logic of self-affirmation or the "pack" mentality.

As in all things, however, this should not be generalized, and fortunately, not all children or youth of a certain age assume these behaviors.

This is clearly demonstrated by the four young protagonists of the episode that we are about to tell you about.

Unlike other peers who often upset and make people angry, these four teenage boys have distinguished themselves for a truly commendable and noteworthy gesture, which certainly confirms what we have said.

Their names are Jack Murphy, Harley Donworth-Kent, Finlay Hamilton, and Kaden Rocha. They are all 14 years old and attend the Magna Academy, an educational institution located near Bournemouth, in southern England.

After their classes were finished, the four left school, and after walking down a stretch of the road on their way home, they noticed an elderly man who seemed to be in a difficult situation.

It was 90-year-old Alan Stanyon whose electric mobility scooter for the elderly, had stopped and was positioned precariously on the road.

Thus, the boys, understanding the potentially dangerous situation, immediately decided to offer to help the elderly man return to his home.

They all pushed the elderly man on his electric mobility scooter until they reached his house. This may seem like a simple endeavor, but it was not, given that the journey to Alan's home was over a mile long (1.5 km).

Moreover, since the battery on the electric scooter was almost completely discharged, there was no other alternative but to push it --- with the elderly man seated on the scooter! Therefore, not without a bit of strenuous effort, the four teenagers managed to get to their destination.

Once they had arrived, they also made sure that the elderly man got inside his house safely.

When the elderly man offered the boys some money for the assistance they had given him, they all promptly refused, just being happy to have been able to help him return home without any further problems.

Obviously, Alan was delighted with what had happened, and he expressed words of great praise for the four 14-year-old boys.

Consequently, the episode began to take on local and national relevance, when the story about what had happened ended up on the social media platforms.

After all, a gesture of selfless and spontaneous kindness like this certainly represents a sign of positivity, in a world where, very frequently, people talk about teenagers in a negative way.

The four boys, with their altruism, helped to give everyone an excellent image of themselves and their peers.

All that remains is to hope that episodes like this can be repeated whenever there is a necessity.

Moreover, such actions indicate that there are also good and conscientious parents who are obviously teaching their children healthy and constructive values.


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