This little girl sees a man with a white beard at the supermarket and mistakes him for Santa Claus -
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This little girl sees a man with a white…
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This little girl sees a man with a white beard at the supermarket and mistakes him for Santa Claus

December 18, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

As children, we wait for Christmas with joy and excitement: the playful atmosphere, the gifts, and the holiday season!

These are all factors that make the Christmas season the most loved by children.

Moreover, the legendary figure of Santa Claus always accompanies this tradition and millions of children hope to receive presents from the mysterious white-bearded man who lives at the North Pole.

In the collective imagination, Santa Claus is a man who actually does look a lot like a grandfather - with a white beard, eyeglasses, red jacket and, of course, a red and white hat.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that little Sophie Jo Riley easily mistook this man in the supermarket for Santa Claus.

The man, who was shopping at the supermarket, was clearly not dressed in the traditional red velvet jacket, pants, and hat, but with jeans and a red shirt.

In any case, Sophie was not intimidated and did what any child of her age would have done at the sight of that gentleman with a white beard. That is to say, she immediately approached him, convinced that she was in front of Santa Claus himself.

The man, thankfully, was very helpful and willing to play the part of Santa Claus and was happy to have a short conversation with little Sophie.

On the other hand, if you grow a thick white beard, you probably cannot escape being "Santa Claus" to every child especially at Christmas time!

When the little girl approached him, the man knelt down and started chatting amiably with little Sophie. The girl's father did not let the scene escape him, as he promptly captured it on his smartphone by making a short video.

In fact, in the videoyou hear the brief dialogue that the two have: "Are you preparing for Christmas?" The man asks her; and then: "Have you been a good girl this year?" - she nods her head in affirmation and she just loves it when the man asks her what she is going to leave for him to eat on Christmas Eve.

A magical encounter that naturally left little Sophie very happy and excited!


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