Two German shepherds hug each other to bolster their courage while both are waiting to be adopted together -
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Two German shepherds hug each other…
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Two German shepherds hug each other to bolster their courage while both are waiting to be adopted together


Disney has often used animals, such as dogs and cats, to make films on the big screen that have become wonderful fairy tales loved by both adults and children.

Films like "Oliver & Company", "Lady and the Tramp", "One Hundred and One Dalmatians", and "The Aristocats" are all timeless classic films -  but at times, real-life stories can offer equally extraordinary and moving narratives.

Today's story is about the indissoluble friendship between two German shepherds in search of a home where they can live - together!

They are called Gus and Laurie and were found when they were just three months old in a barn, where they had found shelter and were hiding.

No one knows where they come from, whether they were abandoned or escaped from their previous owner.

At the age of seven months, the two four-legged friends were given to the Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue organization in Stephens City, Virginia.

Since then, the two sweet young dogs have been looking for a home, but it is essential that anyone who decides to adopt them must keep both of them together and never separate them.

Gus and Laurie grew up together from an early age and they need each other. In fact, they have developed such a symbiosis that now they are more than just brothers.

The organization has published their photos on social media networks receiving in a short time over 16 thousand shares and many offers of adoption.

The images depict the two dogs engaged in a very sweet embrace, while they reassure each other. Such emotional intensity shows how these creatures are endowed with immense sensitivity and are capable of having and expressing deep feelings just like human beings.

The difficulty in finding the ideal owners is not only to be able to arrange to keep them together but also to find a safe place that welcomes them and makes them feel at ease in a new environment.

It is hoped that the two inseparable friends will find a family and that they can remain side by side, as true companions!

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