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His dog needs surgery, so the owner…
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His dog needs surgery, so the owner puts his car up for sale


A very strong bond is always created between a dog and its owner, especially if the pet has been with the person in question for many years.

Randy Etter, for example, has lived with his dog, named Gemini, for a long time, ever since the animal was only a puppy.

One fine day, however, the dog's health was compromised, accidentally, after what seemed to be a harmless game that involved Randy's companion's little daughter and his dog, Gemini.

Fortunately, Randy's perseverance saved his dog and allowed it to recover after the unpleasant incident.

One day, the daughter of Randy's girlfriend and his dog Gemini were quietly playing among themselves. It seemed an apparently banal and risk-free game: the little girl threw an empty plastic bottle and, every time, Gemini brought it back to her.

The fun went on for a while until they both got tired of that game and stopped. But, almost immediately, the dog started to behave strangely. Gemini approached his owner, almost crawling on the ground, with an expression that to Randy seemed clearly a real request for help.

Randy was worried about his dog, but he could not understand what the problem might be! However, without hesitation, he immediately took Gemini to a veterinarian who found no problems with the animal. Nevertheless, Randy was not convinced - something was wrong with his dog and he had to find out what it was!

Randy insisted and after making other inquiries, the mystery was finally revealed. Evidently, during that innocent game, Gemini had accidentally swallowed the plastic bottle cap, which had resulted in a very dangerous intestinal obstruction. Faced with this scenario, the only solution was surgery.

Of course, Randy would have done almost anything to raise the $4,500 USD needed for surgery to save his dog!

And thanks to the help of one of his friends, the young man was able to collect $2,000 USD initially, after which he posted an announcement on Facebook stating that he wanted to sell his car: "I would have spent every single dollar from selling my car on the surgery. Losing Gemini would have devastated me."

Luckily, his post was seen by a member of Street Animal Outreach Response (SOAR), who offered to help. In short, thanks to SOAR, Randy was able to raise the other $3,000 USD dollars needed to cover all the expenses for Gemini's surgical operation.

Gemini's operation was a success and now the dog is recovering. Randy expressed his gratitude to those who had helped him save his four-legged friend: "It means everything to me, he is my best friend. He is always there for me ... I just wanted to be able to return the favor and be there for him," said the young man.

A story that, thankfully, due to an owner's love and persistence had a happy ending

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