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A man wants to adopt a pit bull from…
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A man wants to adopt a pit bull from an animal shelter but the dog refuses to abandon his best friend

September 12, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Being friends does not just mean having fun together, but also - and above all - supporting each other when times are difficult.

When facing life's challenges, we understand the difference between having a true friend and having a simple acquaintance, and this is true for both humans and animals!

Certainly, this is demonstrated by the story of Taco and Merrill, two very different dogs that found themselves living in the same fenced-in kennel at the Rocket Dog Rescue Center.

Arriving a few days distant from each other, the two immediately showed a certain affinity, to the point of practically forcing the volunteers to let them live together despite their difference in size!

Merrill is, in fact, a male mixed bred pit bull, while Taco is a male mixed breed chihuahua. The two started by keeping each other company, then they started sharing their food and after a while ... they became inseparable.

But, as we have said, true friendship is seen when times are difficult. In fact, after a few days, little Taco started to show signs of fatigue and depression, but his health seemed to be impeccable.

So, this is how the volunteers realized that it was not about him, but about the other dog, his friend Merrill! In fact, after taking Merill to the veterinarian, they learned that he needed an urgent operation!


It was almost impossible to keep the two dogs away from each other, even when Merrill had to stay at the veterinary clinic because they barked and cried desperately as soon as they were separated.

So, it was decided to let them stay together in the clinic for as long as possible, right up to the last moments before Merrill was anesthetized. The operation was a success and together the two friends returned to the animal shelter.

But their challenges were not over! One day a man arrived at the animal shelter intent on adopting a dog. Good news, you would think, if it were not for the fact that he only wanted one dog, and that he fell madly in love with Merrill.

When the volunteers opened the fence to bring out the sweet pit bull, however, he did not want to hear about it. He clung with his claws to the floor trying to avoid being dragged away, until he was finally able to make the gesture of reaching towards Taco with one of his paws. It was obvious that he would not go anywhere by himself!

The man, who had witnessed the whole scene, fortunately, had no doubts about what to do. He immediately decided that he would adopt both of them!

And so the story of Merrill and Taco had a beautiful happy ending! In fact, they continue to live wrapped in each other arms - or better to say, paws - now surrounded by the love of an affectionate and caring human being in a lovely home that is decidedly more welcoming than a fenced-in kennel.

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