Love them or hate them but Scorpio is a zodiac sign that is a mix of mystery and sensuality -
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Love them or hate them but Scorpio is…
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Love them or hate them but Scorpio is a zodiac sign that is a mix of mystery and sensuality


Welcome to the eighth house of the zodiac, that of Scorpio.

A person born under this zodiac sign has a charismatic personality; he or she is enigmatic, fascinating and is incapable of being ignored by anyone who comes into contact with him or her.

Those born under this astrological sign are endowed with great sensuality and capacity for seduction but not, for this reason, are they strangers to love! They are very much capable of true love, a profound love that goes beyond the body and touches the soul.

Here is how those who are born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio live and experience their distinct and profound feelings.

image: Pixabay

Loving and being loved by a Scorpio is an experience to be lived at least once or for an entire lifetime. The reason is to be sought in the swirl of emotions and sensations that only this particular sign can give.

Incandescent passion, absolute dedication, and total fidelity. Precisely because of this last characteristic, Scorpio is allergic to lies, they cannot tell them and do not tolerate it when others lie to them.

Unfortunately for Scorpio, they almost always have the power to see inside their partner, and therefore, manage to understand when they are not being told the truth.

When a pact of personal trust is broken with a Scorpio, it is very difficult to salvage the relationship. It is much more likely that he or she will go away, although they are still in love and feel great emotional pain.

image: Unsplash

Scorpio knows no half measures: it is either all or nothing!

Consequently, the only way to maintain a solid and lasting relationship is to be sincere, for better or for worse, showing yourself at the same time, to be determined and sure of your choices, every single day.

In the same way, you must learn to understand the limits of intimacy, respecting a Scorpio's time and space, and preparing yourself for the idea that a small part of a Scorpio's life will always remain inaccessible.

Whoever has a more low-key personality and temperament and wants a love story that gives security and comfort, is not ready to be with a Scorpio. Loving a Scorpio means experiencing more than "50 shades of Grey", freeing yourself from taboos, inhibitions, and preconceptions about yourself and others.

The relationship, in the beginning, might be stormy, but what you will gain in return will be the most extraordinary love of your life, full of surprises, never banal, every day new and exciting, living today as if there were no tomorrow.


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