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A man finds a lost dog wearing pajamas!…
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A man finds a lost dog wearing pajamas! And a special relationship is immediately born between the two!


What binds humans and animals is much more than a mere coincidence, like going to a shelter and choosing the animal that has most attracted one's attention.

Sometimes, destiny gets in the way, just like it happens with those people who meet by pure luck, finding themselves in the right place at the right time.

This is exactly what today's story is about - a lovely anecdote in which a lost and never reclaimed dog was just waiting to find a new home!

via: Thatslife

One day, like many others, during one of those evenings that could become special at any moment, Kristofer Goldsmith was driving his van to work, when he saw something undefined crossing the street. Immediately he stopped, illuminating the road ahead with his headlights.

The mysterious object was actually a little dog with a lost but curious air, wearing a pair of funny pajamas made especially for pets!

Although the man was a total stranger, the dog was immediately sociable, perhaps because it was very happy that someone had stopped to offer help.

Once the puppy had climbed into the van, it immediately started playfully licking Kristofer and trying to cuddle, and just behaving in general as if he were suffering from a real abstinence of hugs and caresses.

From the identification collar, Kristofer discovered that the dog was called Frosting, as well as his vaccination code which would be useful for tracing the dog's owners.

Consequently, Goldsmith quickly communicated the data to the local veterinary clinic, certain that soon someone would show up to claim the little dog.


However, after a few days, and not without some surprise, he learned that no one had contacted the animal clinic to claim the little dog!

Therefore, also considering the puppy's emotional response to him, Kristofer decided to adopt Frosting and give him a new home!

Kristofer and Frosting have become inseparable, so much so that the man's wife, interviewed by a local TV news channel, said that now it would be a terrible shock for Mr. Goldsmith to have to part with his new friend.

This a very nice happy ending, which shows us how the best encounters are not planned! And, also how, at times, these stupendous creatures can arrive unexpectedly in our lives, just like good news.

Moreover, it is they who choose by themselves, the companion to whom they will be faithful for life!

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