Some 100% natural tips that can help slow down the appearance of white hair -
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Some 100% natural tips that can help…
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Some 100% natural tips that can help slow down the appearance of white hair


Nobody likes the idea of ​​getting old, and in any case, it all depends on how you age and how you feel.

The aesthetic aspect, however, can sometimes betray or even make us look older than our actual age or the one we would like to demonstrate.

Beyond the wrinkles or other signs of aging, a detail that can be more annoying than others is that of gray hair.

It is not uncommon for this physiological loss of pigmentation to occur even in a relatively young individual, here are some effective and natural remedies.

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  • Lemon and cranberry juice. This mixture should be applied to your hair for a maximum of 20 minutes. Next, it should be rinsed out completely and then you can proceed with a normal shampoo.
  • Carrot juice. This juice should be taken daily as a refreshing drink since it is rich in fiber and vitamins. It is good for the eyes as well as for the scalp! Maybe that is why it can be said that "eye appeal is very important" especially regarding gray hair!
  • Black tea. It is perhaps the best-known remedy of all that is used to cover gray hair or to darken brown hair. A strong infusion of black tea naturally increases melanin levels creating an excellent effect.
  • Sesame seeds. Simply grind sesame seeds to create a paste that is then applied to the hair to stimulate the production of keratin and melanin.
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  • Lemon juice and coconut oil. This mixture will quickly make gray hair disappear due to its moisturizing and regenerating effect on your hair.
  • Onions. The procedure is almost the same as when preparing an onion sauce. Therefore, it is sufficient to peel an onion, finely chop or blend it and massage the paste obtained directly into your scalp. Next, while wearing a shower cap, let the paste act for about half an hour and then wash your hair as you would normally.  The results will be visible after just one week.

Now you just have to try one, or maybe all of these remedies, obviously, choosing one at a time.

In a very short time, your annoying and unsightly gray hair should disappear, turning back the clock a few years and making you look as young as you feel!

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